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When sound waves emitted by a noise source noise barrier encountered, it will along three routes of transmission: Part crossed the sound barrier top diffraction reached by point sound; a part through the sound barrier and reach sound; part in the sound barrier wall reflected

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  • Sound insulation performance

    Set up a sound barriers between the source and noise control, can make the noise control to effectively control the noise level. Generally 3 ~ 6 m high noise barrier, its acoustic shadow area noise reduction effect between 6 ~ 12 db.

    Much noise barrier made of porous sound absorbing material, porous sound-absorbing material absorption frequency characteristic is: in the high frequency sound absorption coefficient is larger, low frequency sound absorption coefficient is smaller

    noise insertion loss: 6 ~ 12 db (A)

      Wind load resistance300kgf/m2

    shape:Geometric shapes of the noise barrier are upright type, folded plate type, bend, close partly or fully closed. Mainly based on the choice of noise barrier insertion loss and site conditions. For non vertical sound barriers, the equivalent height is equal to the source to the top of the noise barrier part connect with vertical extension of intersection


    Of noise barrier structure in general can be divided into four modules: steel columns, non perspective sound insulation board, perspective, sound insulation board, at the top of the absorption, the four modules can form various forms of noise barrier.

    (1)Steel columns: mainly include H section steel, square steel, etc., recommended to choose h-beam.

    Columns are mainly come from the power of the wind effects on the sound barrier of thrust produced by horizontal thrust is passed on to the post (approximate think uniformly distributed load), the main pillar strength calculations are pillar root bending moment and the deflection at the top of the column under two aspects, such as the right). For single pillar, column rigidity sound barriers mainly adopts horizontal wind pressure lead to the top of the column offset to examine. In general the noise barrier pillar at the top of the displacement should be satisfied

    (2)Non perspective sound insulation board:A perspective on the surface of the sound insulation board according to its sound absorption type style, divided into a variety of plate type, sound insulation board has a mesh (flat, folded plate type), hundred pages hole acoustic board, wedge type sound insulation board, etc

    (3)At the top of the sound absorbing body:Mainly include cylindrical, polyhedron shape, mushroom head shape, T shape, a variety of forms such as Y. Sound absorbing body can make the sound barrier in the case of constant height form a bigger sound shadow, improve the effect of noise reduction, sound barriers at the same time also can make the appearance of diversification

    (4)  Perspective type sound insulation boardPerspective type sound insulation board can use the transparent parts of the laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, polycarbonate plate (organic glass), and sunshine board, and so on. Frame for special aluminum, high strength, good appearance. Can also make galvanized steel frame.

    Are widely used in all kinds of noise barrier to noise isolated from residential areas, and in harmony with the environment, has a certain visual landscape effect, at the same time meet the requirements of prevent visual fatigue, anti glare and so on function

    highway adjacent to residential area、railway is adjacent to residential area、light rail and residential buildings adjacent to the area。the subway and residential buildings adjacent to the areaairport is adjacent to residential area. have larger noise sources of the factory is adjacent to residential area、substation is adjacent to residential area

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