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Major producers of steel soundproof door, using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate production. With excellent fireproof, sound insulation performance, sound insulation index (insert loss of noise value) divided into Rw35dB (a), Rw45dB (group A), Rw55dB (a) of the three categories, the maximum temperature of 300 DEG C to 350 DEG C, can under pneumatic load 2000N/m2. type of structure with a single door, double door, composite door, large double doors, electric sliding doors, electric lift door and so on.

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  • Product introduction

    The company's production of soundproof door through the air - acoustic laboratory test, more important is in the actual application conditions and their noise reduction effect is excellent, the STC rating of up to a maximum of Rw69dB.

    腾讯体育直播平台nba using special high performance sealing strip, durable, and maintain a high performance sound insulation effect;

    soundproof door of the wellknown brand of hardware accessories, beautiful appearance,


    Soundproof door using insert type frame structure, Does not need to be embedded in the frame of civil construction time;

    According to customer requirements to install all kinds of decorative veneer, transparent window, and provide the different fire prevention, explosion proof, electromagnetic shielding, no threshold (configuration lifting hinge) and other requirements. Can be designed according by customer requirements, the production of various functions and size requirements of the soundproof door.


    Soundproof doors are widely used to high sound insulation grade requirements in various places, and provied the customers' strict fire prevention, explosion protection, electromagnetic shielding, no threshold, decorative veneer, perspective and other requirements.

    Radio, television and radio stations and Conference Center

    auditorium Test sound area music hall    The meeting room/ security area

    High sensitivity information equipment (SCIF) Office

    computer room/Machinery shell/control room/Test equipment

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